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I know few who read me are football (American “football”) fans. But something happened in a game today I feel compelled to say something about. A player, a quarterback, playing for a team that hasn’t had many winning games of late, was knocked unconscious in a home game, and the hometown fans cheered.

What does that say about us as a culture? As a people?

I say, it says we’ve sunk pretty low, too *dang* low, and odds are, we’re doomed. This player says it exactly right: Eric Winston: Fans cheering Matt Cassel’s injury are ‘sickening’.

Source: The Kansas City Star
(click to read their article)

I would like very much to tell the world we (Americans) are not all obese morons; that some of our schoolchildren actually can read and make change for a dollar. But evidence would make me a liar.



And, Matt? I wouldn’t play for those people again iffin I were you. Make ’em pay me, but sit on the bench. Wow.

And if I lived in K.C.? I think maybe I’d lie about that fact.

Yes, I know fans acting badly at sporting events is nothing new, nor limited to the USA. But, cheering an injury.. Repugnant.

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Friday Fun Video (A couple days late)

Folks, even though a reader graciously and kindly helped me out this week, I still sorta kinda maybe feel a wee bit like I “owe” you guys a fun video.

And by happy coincidence it just so happens another reader submitted a video for my consideration, back when I was talking about the iPhone 5.. So here you go. (If you’re looking for this week’s Sunday Beauty, click here.)

Also, it has been a while since I posted a Sunday Ugly, and by happy coincidence, that’s easy to do. It does happen to be National Cyber Security Awareness Month.. so let’s see how many crimes-in-progress you can spot in the illustration below..

(Pssst. The answer is: fourteen)

Remember: Beware the paperclip.

Today’s quote:If you have integrity, nothing else matters.  If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” ~ Alan Simpson

Have a great Sunday, everybody!

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