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A Heads Up For Skype Users (and more)

Quickly, today, as my agenda is full… Use Skype? Beware. There’s a new attack making the rounds.

* Skype Worm in Instant Message Leads to Ransomware

Users need to be careful about clicking on links sent through Skype, as a malicious worm is spreading via Skype instant messages.Read more..

(A little Geekspeak translation: “ransomware” is where the bad guys encrypt your files, and then sell you the key to get your stuff back. [Your files held ransom.] Just… business as usual on the Internet. NBD.)

Do you use Apple? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you need antivirus just like any other web-connected device. Here’s a review of Mac AV from a guy I trust.

* What’s the Best Mac Antivirus?

Austrian independent antivirus testing lab AV-Comparatives has released an initial report on antivirus tools specifically for the Mac platform.” Read more..


* SecurityWatch Summit 2012: A Lively Debate Over Mobile Security

The evening began with McAfee experts demonstrating just how easy it is to break into someone’s laptop using readily available software. Although most people have heard that public hotspots are “playgrounds for malcontents to do horrid things,” sometimes it takes a live demo to convince people to take the right precautions.” Read more..

* (From Litigation Digest) “If you believe the rumors and interpretations, Microsoft wants to be like Apple. And they want to sell to everyone who owns an iOS and Android-powered device. In other words – have their cake and eat it too (or world domination – you pick). In order to get a more “Apple-like” experience, would you be willing to forego your Dell/HP/Lenovo hardware and buy more expensive hardware directly from Microsoft? Or would you prefer to abandon the world of Windows and use native versions of Microsoft Office? Do you think Microsoft will provide a great, native user interface experience? Read a trio of posts at:

Interesting? A reader sent me a ‘heads up’ about a software download, of a type I was/am unfamiliar with. (I have heard of “subliminal (audio) tapes..) I have not tried this program. Can’t say “boo” about it. But, since CNET editors rate it “excellent”, I will pass it along for those who might be interested.. (Thank you, Dear Reader.)

Subliminal Mind

This simple application flashes extremely short, subliminal messages while you are browsing, working, or playing games. The authors promise it will help you reprogram your mind at the subconscious level to cope with psychological problems. Messages are arranged by topics such as happiness and pain, or you can add your own. The program comes with prewritten messages for common afflictions like emotional pain, fear, anxiety, illness, motivation, smoking, and even physical pain.

Today’s quote:To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice.” ~ Confucius

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