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Get Your Russian Mail Order Bride Here

And A Few Security Horror Stories

I’ll say one nice thing about the *skuzbucket* vermin who fill the Internet with their Junk emails.. Sometimes, they make me laugh. (Even though I am witnessing a crime in progress.)

I’m very popular with the ladies..!

A fairly standard assortment of come-ons there. But the Better Business Bureau tack is a new one to me (it’s the same old ‘click here, then fill in your PII so I can steal your identity’ scam) .

It is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Are you more “aware”?

Christmas came early to old TP. My choice of Elenas…

You know.. I remember when these (PC’s) were “business machines”. They’ve evolved into something else, haven’t they?

Today’s reading reco(s):

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Today’s quote:The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

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