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The Sun Is Out

Have you seen the television ads for Microsoft’s Windows 8 and.. the “Surface” tablets?

According to them, we can be dancing in the streets (as shown on TV!) and getting a group together to do the robot, as we touch, touch, touch the screens of our wonder devices.

I hope these people got paid to do that…
And it took ’em just three days to film!
{click on image to read how the ad scored with the public. Source:}

Granted, the fact that Microdoft’s iPad competitor has a keyboard, and will run productivity software (like Office), has me thinking a Surface might be the first “tablet PC” I buy, but.

I won’t buy the first edition of anything: I would buy a “Pro”, not an “RT”: and I will not buy a tablet until I already have the best/up-to-date-est Desktop for my office and laptop for my mobile needs (aka, I’ve run out of other toys to buy).

Apparently, though, many have already bought their Surface devices.. some, a long time ago (“pre-order”). And some of those are dancing in City Plaza now, as we speak, as they have one. Others who pre-ordered, haven’t received theirs yet, I understand. Where is my Microsoft Surface? Here’s what we know

Microsoft’s Surface RT has launched, but most have yet to receive their tablet, despite promises from the software giant. From a ZDNet crowdsourced effort, here’s what we know.Read more..

Which means there’s some disappointed people out there, I guess..

And I guess I will repeat: the ONLY way I’ll touch Windows 8 would be on a Surface tablet. (Despite how wonderful the ads make it sound..) If you think you might want/need a new Desktop or Laptop/Notebook.. might want to buy today – while there’s still Windows 7 units on the store’s shelf. (And, yes. My “Don’t Buy The First One Rule’ also applies to Windows 8. Even if I thought it was the neatest thing since sliced bread, [and let’s be clear – I do not] there’s a reason for the “wait for the Service Pack” axiom.)

Because Windows 8 has arrived.

For better or worse.

*     *     *

It has been a great week for Bay Area sports fans. People are actually smiling here.. Thank you, S.F. Giants! (World Series Champions 2012)

*     *     *

Apres pos of nuttin at all: Loved Google’s art today.

… I never did master his technique…

Today’s quote:What the country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds.” ~ Will Rogers

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