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For Friday

Folks, “superstorm” Sandy has had a huge impact on many people. If you would like to help those in need, I believe the Red Cross is a reasonable place to start. You can make a donation here,, and click the “where most needed” button.

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Now that Windows 8 is here, I would like to direct your attention to two recently posted items I think you’ll want (need?) to see.

* Seven Alternatives To Restore The Start Menu In Windows 8

When the beta and preview versions of Windows 8 was circulating around out there in the wild, I deliberately avoided downloading and testing it.  WHY? I knew Windows 8 was going to be something completely and visually different than what I have been experiencing (since 1995) and I wanted to experience Windows 8 (upon final […] Read more..

* FREE Image Backup Software for Windows 8

This week my posts have been focused exclusively on Windows 8; due in part I just installed Windows 8 and I am like a kid in a candy shop. As I continue to learn more about Windows 8 and customize my computer the more I realized that I needed to create a backup of my […]” Read more..

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… maybe this isn’t Friday Fun, but sometimes Engrish and the Let’s Count The Typos! game is better than what Hollywood gives us..


Bonus reading: Apple’s iPad mini doesn’t deserve a grand debut

The Apple lineologists are at it again as the iPad mini launches. The verdict is lukewarm. After all, people had to weigh an incremental iPad mini vs. electricity in some areas. Others just had to weigh a $329 starting price.” Read more..

Today’s quotable quote:When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

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  1. I hate to give this information to folks, simply because it may cause some people to hesitate to give. However, I feel very strongly about this situation. For a not-for-profit organization, the Red Cross keeps an inordinate amount of the proceeds from donations. In 2001 I donated $200 to the Red Cross… specifically to help the victims of terrorism. I later found out that the Red Cross kept $140 of my donation. A mere $60 went to the victims. I want to help Americans in need, but 70% is just too much for administration costs IMHO. I have no suggestions as to who we should give our hard earned cash to, but I do not recommend the American Red Cross. I felt as much like a victim as the folks who were actually on-site that fateful day. It’s shameful. If anyone knows of a reputable charity I’d sure like to be made aware of it. I surely will not be giving anything to the Red Cross ever again.


    Comment by KsTinMan | November 2, 2012 | Reply

    • KsTinMan,

      For those who have concerns like yours, perhaps donating blood instead of cash?

      Also, I found the following online:

      “The Salvation Army has dozens of mobile feeding units and shelters along the East Coast that are working to serve thousands in the most heavily hit areas. Visit to donate.

      Feeding America has thousands of pounds of emergency food, water and supplies in the disaster zone that it is working to distribute to the storm’s victims. To donate, visit or call 800-910-5524.

      AmeriCares is providing medicine and other supplies to people affected by Hurricane Sandy. To donate, visit

      World Vision is distributing flood clean-up kits, personal hygiene items and emergency food kits to people hit by the hurricane. To donate, visit

      Save the Children is also working to provide relief to families and their children. Visit to donate.”

      Also, there is a resource that rates charities using a criteria very much like you describe.. but I am having a brain BSOD and cannot think of it right at the moment.. I’ll try to find it though, and update this.


      Comment by techpaul | November 2, 2012 | Reply

      • Thanks for the suggestions TP. I did not know about the charity rating service either. The ones you listed are good ones as far as I know. A rating resource would be great to find. When you think of it please let me know!


        Comment by KsTinMan | November 3, 2012 | Reply

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