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Sunday Beauty #108

Folks, another pretty picture for your Sunday.

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“Lake Wingra sunset 11-3-2012 308” by ra_hurd, courtesy of Flickr Commons

Today’s quote:If an American is to amount to anything he must rely upon himself, and not upon the State; he must take pride in his own work, instead of sitting idle to envy the luck of others. He must face life with resolute courage, win victory if he can, and accept defeat if he must, without seeking to place on his fellow man a responsibility which is not theirs.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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All we really have, in the end, are our stories.
Make yours great ones. Ones to be proud of.

November 4, 2012 - Posted by | Digital Images


  1. Such beauty!
    One can only imagine capturing the essence of that lake and its skies in lasting memory. Perhaps putting that scene on canvas will bring it to life.

    Today’s Quote: I like! In my opinion Theodore Roosevelt’s writings are usually interesting and accurate. I would like to think that “the message in his quote applies to every human being…not only Americans.”

    Thanks Paul


    Comment by Gaia | November 4, 2012 | Reply

    • Gaia,
      I almost did not select today’s image, because I thought I had already selected too many “water reflections” type shots.
      But then I thought, heck, why not? I like light-reflected-in-water pictures.
      As always, your support for my Sunday Beauty feature is appreciated.

      And, yes I agree: substitute “people” for “Americans” is fine by me.


      Comment by techpaul | November 4, 2012 | Reply

  2. I like “water reflections” too. On Lake Erie this time of year you can get a lot of sunset shots like that. You just need to “BE THERE.”

    I am being flooded with pics/articles/videos/mashups of what “could” happen since Disney bought “Star Wars”. This is one of the latest. OMG, They are teaching Princess Leia to SING. “Snow White, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Aurora teach Princess Leia what it means to be a Disney Princess. Disney Princess 101!”

    Disney Princess Leia – Stars Wars Disney Princesses! – YouTube Scary, Scary Stuff. I am getting so much stuff I have started a “Mashup Star Wars” Folder.

    Want another one??

    Darth Vader: What Are You Going to Do Next? – YouTube


    Comment by delenn13 | November 6, 2012 | Reply

    • delenn13,
      Once again you have me wondering.. laugh? Or cry?

      Thank you for sharing those… I think.


      Comment by techpaul | November 6, 2012 | Reply

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