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Sunday Beauty 109

Once again, another interesting image for your Sunday.

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“Oak With Three Trunks” by andy_carter, courtesy of Flickr Commons.

(I selected today’s because I think we sometimes, with our super-busy, fast-lane modern lives, forget, or get too busy, to look up, or.. look around, and notice. I know I sometimes do … )

Today’s quote:A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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November 11, 2012 - Posted by | Digital Images


  1. A Three Trunk Oak Tree …Unique and Beautiful!

    An Umbrella of many Imaginations…

    I would like to “stand under it”…and yes…Look UP


    Comment by Gaia | November 12, 2012 | Reply

    • Gaia,
      I like this line, “An Umbrella of many Imaginations…“.

      I do not know what it is like there where you are, but here, when you walk down the street and look at the people, they all have their eyes down, looking at the ‘text’ messages/emails on their smartphones. (Doesn’t matter if they’re with friends in a restaurant, riding their bike or skateboarding.. or driving. It makes me ill, but there you go. Those that aren’t looking at the phone, are talking on it [ignoring their tablemates]. Makes me wonder what life would be like without cellular.. Oh. Yes. I remember it. Ancient history.)

      (Okay.. maybe not all, but…)


      Comment by techpaul | November 12, 2012 | Reply

      • Paul…you described the people well…it’s the same here. Tex ting, reading messages, talking on the phone or answering their many calls while with others.

        I experienced some of that rudeness…until I took a stand…which helped some.

        . Unfortunately, all the above behavior is considered “normal” by those phone users.

        On the phone while driving is NOW against the law here…there’s been very little change…people are NOW “breaking a law “…on their phone while driving. Seems like there’s little respect for anything.

        You wonder what it would be like without Cellular…”perhaps people would Look UP to see the Beautiful Three Trunk Oak Tree!


        Comment by Gaia | November 12, 2012 | Reply

        • Gaia,
          I believe our “Hands Free” motorist Law is over a year old, now. And I haven’t noticed any improvement.

          … and yes, the behavior is normal now.

          But… riding your bike? In traffic? I see it everyday. (And when I do, I think “there goes an organ donor”.)


          Comment by techpaul | November 12, 2012 | Reply

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