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A Look At What Is Different In Windows 8

Folks, this short slideshow highlights what is different in the new version of Windows, now on store shelves, Windows 8. (Maybe you have heard.. the new “interface” is different..)

image - Modern Interface - Windows 8

“Love-Hate Win 8

Companies and reseller organizations that plan to adopt Windows 8 should prep for some heavy sledding. Though Microsoft has smoothed some of the Windows 8 user-interface bumps, plenty has changed, and people will inevitably get stuck trying to figure out where stuff is or how to get stuff done. Here’s a look at some of the major changes to help prepare you for the onslaught of questions and support calls.

If you will be using Win8, you’ll want to be aware of the tips included. View the slideshow here.

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In The News (aka “Today’s reading reco’s”):

* The Microsoft honcho responsible for Windows 8 “is no longer with the company”Sinofsky Is Out As Top Windows Exec At Microsoft

 “Just weeks after launching Windows 8, Steven Sinofsky, the executive responsible for developing the new release of Microsoft’s flagship product, is leaving the company.Read more..

* Has Bookmarks4Techs Been Kidnapped or Assassinated?

My sister site,, has either been kidnapped or assassinated (after 3 years) by Google’s Blogger service and marked as a TOS (Terms of Service) violator by Google’s automated spam detection system. I am awaiting a review from Google to get the site back. The process to do this is not a friendly or easy […]” Read more..

* Love my cloud computing… Microsoft hit by second Office 365 email outage in five days

For the second time this month, some Office 365 users in North America are experiencing email problems.Read more..

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Today’s quote:Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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  1. What do you think the chances are that I’ll be able to buy OEM copies of Windows 7 when I buy new computers that come with that junk OS Windows 8 installed? I did that with XP when Vista was first released… I did not use Vista (until Win 7 came along), and I WILL NOT use Win 8. Do you think they will do the same thing with it as they did with Vista (Make it Windows 8 SP2 and call it Windows 9)? Seemed to work pretty good with Vista/Win 7…


    Comment by KsTinMan | November 13, 2012 | Reply

    • KsTinMan,
      I do not know. (Both questions)

      I have read where Microsoft would be selling “downgrade rights” (8 to 7), and a couple of my local retailers have told me they are going to stockpile Windows 7 install ‘boxes’ (retail discs), but I have not seen that (OEM copies of 7) on the machines I’ve looked at in the store (or on the Dell website). I will have to look into that further..

      It seems clear to me that Microsoft is invested heavily in this change, and is intent on pushing us in this direction. They are looking ahead; have decided the cloud is where it’s at; and intend to compete (try to dominate) in that arena. And integrating their online services into the OS is smart, especially when one thinks the Desktop and software sales are dead “models”, and touchscreen tablets and pay-as-you-go apps and services are all we need. (Windows 8 is pretty neat on a tablet, actually..)

      Keyboard-and-mousers are not the “target demographic”.. Learn to Touch and to Tap!


      Comment by techpaul | November 13, 2012 | Reply

  2. WOW! Poor Rick.


    Comment by delenn13 | November 13, 2012 | Reply

    • delenn13,
      You said a mouthful………


      Comment by techpaul | November 13, 2012 | Reply

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