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Cybersecurity and Cybercrime: 2012 in Review

(And Congrats to Buster Posey!)

Folks, another brief slideshow I think you should see.

A year in cybersecurity and cybercrime: 2012 review

During the year, we have seen the destruction of SOPA and PIPA but the emergence of CISPA and similar laws around the world, a growing trend in hacks and scams, an explosion in malware, and states committing cyberwarfare on their friends and foes. Here’s a run-down of what happened in 2012.” See the (14 slides) slideshow here.

.. funny … they didn’t mention all the big data “breaches” (nor the “corporate espionage”) … but, still, take a look.

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President Obama has reportedly signed a classified directive establishing guidelines to protect the nation’s computer networks.Read more..

[Reactions in the InfoSec community are mixed.. It’s a good read.]

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Apropos of nuttin at all: I liked Buster Posey from Day One. And while no one player makes a team a champion team, I think few could argue that the S.F. Giants would not be where they are without this kid. Congratulations, Mr. Posey! Buster Posey is voted NL MVP

The National League Most Valuable Player award voters came to the same conclusion that any Giants-watcher had to reach in 2012: This team would not have gone far without its 25-year-old catcher and leader.” Read more..

[I like it when – against all odds – good things happen to good people.]

Today’s quote:There are three things which are real: God, human folly, and laughter. The first two are beyond our comprehension. So we must do what we can with the third.” ~ John F. Kennedy

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