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Broken Technologies (Sold to us as fully functional)

Here’s a “top 10 list” I think you’ll want to see.

10 MORE technologies that are just plain broken

The last time I visited this topic, my sights were set on various pieces of technology. Some of those are still broken (Acronis, QuickBooks, Flash, Outlook, predictive typing). Others have finally managed to right their ship (Ubuntu Unity, Web browsers, desktop multi-touch). But as flawed technologies get their act together, they make room for more technologies to leap onto the list. That’s right, I have 10 more broken pieces of the IT landscape that I want to point out. Let’s just dive right into this list and have some fun!Read more..

I am a bit surprised that TCP/IPv6 didn’t make the list..

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One more reason to love cloud computing.. Gmail in widespread outage, also caused Chrome browser crashes

Gmail suffered a widespread outage earlier today. It’s not yet clear what caused the problems, but in many cases it also caused Chrome browsers to crash worldwide.” Read more..

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One more reason not to go to the hospital… Nine out of 10 hospitals lost personal data in last two years

Scaled out, the incidents cost the U.S. health care industry about $7 billion per year.” Read more..

[“Cost the industry“? Who will pay? The doctors? The Hospital’s IT guy? Ha! We will pay. {How dumb do they think we are?}]

Another silly poll: (If you don’t mind..)

Today’s quote #1:Don’t be discouraged.  It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.” ~ Unknown

Today’s quote #2:Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” ~ Judith Sheindlin (aka “Judge Judy”)

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