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Tablet Comparison + More

Some items (two, for those still shopping) ..

* Head-To-Head: iPad Mini Vs. Amazon Kindle Fire HD Vs. Google Nexus 7

Apple’s iPad mini packs a punch despite its scaled-down size, touting a number of robust features and specs that even the most fanatic Apple followers didn’t see coming. But, how does it shape up against the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD, the two tablets that have traditionally set the standard in the 7-inch space?” See the slideshow here.

* OfficeMax Serves Up Final Black Friday Dish of Deals

Black Friday is finally coming to a close at OfficeMax, which is hosting a final ‘Black Friday Every Friday’ discount event of the season today with up to 75 percent off on select items.Read more..


* Infographic: The Dark Side of Teen Texting

American teenagers are texting fools – quite literally, judging by the huge numbers of them who expose themselves with ‘sexting’ and worse, text while behind the wheel.Read more..

* The 10 Best Mobile Apps Of 2012

The year saw a diverse cross-section of apps for security, productivity, navigation and contact management. Here are the best apps of 2012.Read more..

* Banks Gear Up For Highly Coordinated ‘Operation Blitzkrieg’ Cyberattack

A Russian underworld figure is recruiting botmasters to conduct a coordinated attack on 30 financial institutions. While malware is used to steal the money, a Skype-based telephony DDoS attack is intended to shut down bank telephone systems used to validate the transfers.Read more..

* Dangers to your bank account – how to perform online-banking securely

Users of online-banking are generally more conscious of the risks they take when performing online transactions than with any other online service. This isn’t surprising, because if the wrong person gets their hands on your login details or in the worst case your TAN numbers as well, they can easily empty your account from anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, far too many users still bank online with little care, resulting in billions in damages every year.Read more..

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