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Winding down and gearing up

Dear Reader,
Congratulations on surviving another year  — Goodbye, 2012!

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I hope all the changes you experience in the coming year (if any) are really, really nice.

(And please, let’s be reasonably safe in our celebrations.)

And.. here’s some tech:
* The 10 hottest 10 Things lists of 2012

In 2012, the 10 Things blog covered everything from end-user support priorities to career strategies to decision factors around emerging technologies, new platforms, and proliferating mobile devices. Here’s our annual rundown of what sparked the most attention during the past year.Read more..

[note: includes a Windows 7 speed tips article.]

* FCC Smartphone Security Checker (for Android/Apple/Blackberry/Windows Phone)

This tool is designed to help the many smartphone owners who aren’t protected against mobile security threats. To use this tool, choose your mobile operating system below and then follow the 10 customized steps to secure your mobile device.Read more..

My idea of fun: (a video)

Today’s quote:Without computers, the government would be unable to function at the level of effectiveness and efficiency that we have come to expect. This is because the primary function of the government is — and here I am quoting directly from the U.S. Constitution — ‘to spew out paper.'” ~ Dave Barry

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All we really have, in the end, are our stories.
Make yours great ones. Ones to be proud of.

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