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I Like Fridays Better Than Mondays..

I do not have a lot of time today, but here are a few things..

* MediaFire Launches Android App With 50GB Free Storage

MediaFire is rolling out the red carpet for Android owners, unlocking 50GB of free storage along with its new Android-based storage application.

The app joins its iOS counterpart in providing on-the-go productivity for people who need to access and share files from anywhere.” Read more..

[update: for a review of MediaFire from a man I trust, click here.]

And sometimes, I do not know whether to laugh, or cry.. (but it is an interesting read): Facebook Posts Easier to Remember Than Actual Faces, Books

Your memory of Facebook posts is likely stronger than your recollection of actual faces or actual books, according to a new study.Read more..

After yesterday’s article, a reader wrote and asked..

Q:Hi Paul, How about some discussion on AV availability for smart phones, especially the new Windows phone I got during the holidays.” ~ Jay

A: Jay,
Well.. smartphones and tablets are not my area of expertise; but I have discussed that in the past, (and posted 15 Mobile Security Tools (smart phones/tablets) in my Blogroll links) but it has been a while.

I do not use iGadgets, so I don’t know what is currently available for iOS in the iStore (at one point, there was nothing). Same goes for the Windows Phone. But I use Lookout on my (Android) phone and am trying Norton Mobile Lite on my (Android) tablet (both are free). So far I have no complaints with either. (And I believe they have versions for the other mobiles.)
I haven’t looked to see if anyone has posted any efficacy tests recently, but your comment/question has prompted me to make a mental note to research that.

This may help too: Got a New Phone For Christmas? Don’t Forget These Safety Tips

Perhaps a reader can contribute more on this question..?

* A game-changing lawsuit? Free credit checks sought after ‘unprecedented’ data loss

Class-action lawsuit launched by N.L. lawyer on behalf of 583,000 CanadiansRead more..

(If agencies actually could be held liable for the data they lose… BIG changes will occur..! [Right now, it’s kinda just an “oh, well.”])

* Friday Fun Video

Today’s quote:Those are my principles. If you don’t like them I have others.” ~ Groucho Marx

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