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Find out which mobile apps are stealing your identity (& more)

A few quick reading reco’s for you today:

* Find out which mobile apps are stealing your identity

Mobile device malware is approaching exponential growth. Mobile apps are the vehicle of choice to deliver malware. Michael P. Kassner looks at our options.Read more..

And you might be interested..

* Five Web Apps to make you smarter

Wally Bahny suggests five web apps that you can use to hone your IT skills as well as make yourself smarter in other business-related areas.View on site..

Still using Outlook?

* 10 tips for speeding up Outlook

If you’ve used Microsoft Outlook for a while, you know that it can slow down… way down. In fact, when not looked after, Outlook can become nearly useless. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make Outlook not only usable, but significantly improved. And none of these techniques requires a single configuration change to your Exchange server (IMAP or POP3).Read more..

And, say what? There’s a(nother) new iPad! (sorta)

* Apple’s 128GB iPad: A premium product at a premium price

Will customers stomach the price tag of the new 128GB iPad?Read more..

[I dare you to read that and not think “gouging”.. (and is one reason why I don’t own any iProducts).]

This next, all I can say is: Um..

* Oracle speaks, promises to get Java “fixed up”

After a series of Java malware outbreaks that have resulted in widespread infections and earned significant criticisms from security analysts, many of whom recommended uninstalling the software altogether, Oracle appears ready to break its silence and address the concerns.” Read more..

Okay. Out of time. Have most excellent day!

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