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ATTN: They are going to ban porn (and more news items)

Folks, by far and away, this first is the most important “tech news” item I’ve seen in several days..

* EU set to vote on blanket porn ban; internet freedoms at risk

In a severe threat to online freedoms in the region, the European Parliament is set to vote in the next week on ‘a ban on all forms of pornography in the media‘. Read more..

(In further evidence the EU is not quite in touch with reality..  EU Fines Microsoft $732 Million Over ‘Browser Ballot’ Glitch

The European Commission handed down a $732 million fine against Microsoft for failing to adequately comply with its browser ballot order.” Read more..

.. maybe there’s commies there ..? ;-)

* YIPPEE!!! Tumblr Extending Ads to Mobile Apps

Tumblr plans to extend its advertising platform to mobile this year, a move that could help the blogging service make its first annual profit.Read more..

* Why Icahn’s Dell plan could be a FUD nightmare

Carl Icahn’s proposal might severely damage Dell as a serious enterprise technology player when the fear uncertainty and doubt parade starts rolling.” Read more..

* How to make Windows 8 seem normal

Windows 8 can run like real, honest-to-goodness Windows. Plain, simple, slightly upgraded, but what you’d expect with Windows, old-school Start menu and all.Read more..

[related: Stardock Makes Windows 8 Easier With ModernMix]

* ‘Time Bomb’ Attack Out Of China Defused
Targeted attack against Chinese and Japanese journalists used Mandiant’s ATP1 report as a lure

Mandiant’s in-depth report published last month on a prolific cyberespionage team tied to the Chinese military was, in turn, used as a lure in other targeted attacks — by what appears to be different Chinese hacker groups.Read more..

*    *    *

Well I’m out of time for now. Maybe I’ll get a chance to add more headlines later on today.. Have a “good one” everybody!

The Internet w/o p0rn? Can’t even conceive of such a thing..


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