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Tuesday Tidbits #21

Some items of interest for your consideration. (Also, yesterday’s article has been updated.)

DropSmack: Using Dropbox to steal files and deliver malware

Michael P. Kassner interviews a digital forensic scientist who uses Dropbox to compromise targeted networks — something the bad guys probably figured out as well.Read more..

* WordPress hit by massive botnet: Worse to come, experts warn

“A massive botnet of tens of thousands of machines is attempting to hack in to weak password protected “admin” accounts of the popular blogging platform.” Read more..

[ note: this is of concern to even non-bloggers. ]

Good news? * Oracle to release 128 security patches, hundreds of products affected

The software technology giant will release today fixes for “hundreds” of its products, including Java, that led to high profile corporate hacking earlier this year.Read more..

Still true 7 Reasons Computer Glitches Won’t Go Away (Ever)

People have been complaining about computer glitches since the punch card days. Honestly, it’s 2010. Why don’t we have simple stuff like drivers and software compatibility fixed yet? Can we blame it all on Bill Gates?Read more..

[ note: To be “hip” and “trendy” {appeal to a younger set} the author uses a few rather salty words. But, he’s right on target. ]


Bah. All the headlines are discouraging.

Analysts start to sweat Apple’s Q2, outlook

Apple analysts have quickly stopped yapping about $1 trillion market caps and $1,000 stock prices and now sweat iPhone volumes and the outlook for the June quarter.” Read more..

California case another three-part tragedy of rape, cyber bullying and suicide

Three boys accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old California girl who took her own life after pictures of the attack were posted online are due in court this week, as authorities ramp up their investigation into the latest case involving rape and cyber bullying.Read more..

I used to think that they needed to tear down the entire Internet and rebuild it from the ground up — this time with security in mind. But now I’m starting to think they can (should?) just skip the rebuilding part… But, there’s kewel things like foursquare, so.. (see, The Future of Tech – “Intuitive” Phones [ scroll down a bit.. ]) maybe I’m wrong about that latter part.

More on the future of Tech: 10 things about Google Glass: Could this be Google’s iPad?

“Here are 10 things to know about the Google Glass program for developers, consumers, businesses and everyone interested in the search giant’s next big thing.Read more..

Today’s quote:Living in memories is an empty gesture.” ~ Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

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  1. My fears of allowing data to be stored in “the cloud” have begun to come to pass. I saw the potential for cybercrime from the beginning. Will anyone listen now? Don’t count on it. They have led us down this path, ensuring us that such things would not happen. The “encrypted” files in the cloud may as well be an audiobook.

    I actually hope more of the same things transpire on an order of magnitude. It was a dumb idea from the start, and it will take attacks that can’t be ignored to put an end to this insanity. Proprietary (or personal) information has no business being stored online. Sheeple will follow the wolf until they have all been eaten (or until they stop and listen long enough to hear the big dog.barking)….

    Keep on speaking up TP. Perhaps someone will hear you!!!


    Comment by KsTinMan | April 16, 2013 | Reply

    • KsTinMan,
      Nor in “databases”, useful as they are.

      But, there’s no chance anyone’s listening to me. Regardless, I feel obligated to.. well, I will just keep urging folks to exercise healthy, paranoid common sense; use strong passwords (and change them every now and again.. and DO NOT use the same one for everything..); if it connects to the Internet, it needs an antivirus; etc., etc.. Don’t be a low-hanging fruit and keep their fingers crossed.


      Comment by techpaul | April 16, 2013 | Reply

      • Hey now… I’m fairly sure that your loyal readers are paying attention. Anyone who doesn’t follow your common sense advise, whether they read your blog or not, fall squarely into the sheeple category. I hate to point fingers, even at total strangers. However, if they aren’t listening, regrettably they deserve the consequences. It certainly results in job security for tech-types.

        Low-hanging fruit is not a difficult concept to understand. A car that’s locked (and not running) is much less likely to be stolen than one that’s warming up on a cold winter day. It’s no guarantee of immunity, but it certainly improves the odds.
        And folks who simply can’t resist opening an email attachment from a stranger may as well intentionally install infectious malware themselves.

        I once heard a wise man say “There’s a fine line between caution and paranoia.” I’d much rather be called paranoid than expose my computers to cyberattack. I suppose I should be thankful for low-hanging fruit. The more of it there is the better my chances are.

        Thanks for your persistent endeavors to keep us apprised of the latest news on security and the ever-growing cybercrime epidemic. I for one rely on your research to keep me informed, which results in heightened peace of mind.
        You are indeed appreciated.


        Comment by KsTinMan | April 17, 2013 | Reply

        • KsTinMan,
          Wow. Okay. That really charged my blogger’s batteries.

          Which makes me hate to burst your bubble inre “I should be thankful for low-hanging fruit“.. You might have noticed me post the articles referencing a “massive bot attack” on WordPress (and something called “Joomla”). Those (thousands of) ‘bots’ are all personal PC’s — in other words, the low-hanging fruit’s computers. All that spam we get? It’s sent from your/my/our neighbor’s infected machines.

          And I have seen estimates from security people that 3 out of 4 computers are infected.

          That means there’s way, way, way too many low-hanging fruit and they all have computers and they’re all online. Their ignorance hurts us.

          (But the “pros” don’t seem to do much better. There’s probably not a database that hasn’t been crashed; and Conficker spread through corporate. [Afraid to patch.])


          Comment by techpaul | April 17, 2013 | Reply

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