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Just what is a “Bitcoin”? (and why are people talking about them?)

Folks, it seems people are talking about a “new” currency, and getting rich the easy way. Maybe you’ve heard the word: Bitcoin. Here are two very good articles that explain not only what is a “Bitcoin”, but why people are talking.

What’s a Bitcoin and why would you want one?

You might have heard in recent weeks about Bitcoin millionaires — people who raked in vast sums of real money riding this relatively new form of currency.

Bitcoins offer both a fascinating, new approach to money and many potential pitfalls. Here’s what you should know about this online phenomenon.Read more..

*Attack on Bitcoins: Gold-rush amongst hackers

Bitcoins have been a major topic over recent weeks and months – and not only in the media. Countless hackers are now specializing in this virtual currency as well. What are Bitcoins? Why are some cybercriminals making a fortune from them and how can you efficiently protect yourself from these criminals?Read more..

Humans are amusing creatures to watch…

From the truth in advertising department:


Nice to see a little Truth.. Even if it was accidental (because this spammer/hacker/virus-spreader is a moron and doesn’t know to fill in the variables).

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