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Has it really been so long?

What?! Another “On This Date In History”???
(This may look familiar to some, but I’ve added to it.)

Exactly six years ago today, I posted the very first Tech – for Everyone. June 8, 2007. And I have (by and large) posted something here every day since.

A few quick T4E “stats”:
• 2.037 Postings (with 2,331 images)
• 10,334 Comments — almost exactly half of those are my Replies. (additional: 263,892 spam comments, submitted by bots and *helpful people*.)(That’s a lot of A-holes, isn’t it? [averages to 120 per day.. each and every day.])
• Over two and-a half million mostly-human Visitors

I never had any intention (or inkling) that Tech – for Everyone would still be “alive and kicking” this long. My original intent was to post several answer pages — answers to those questions I kept hearing over and over (and over) — with the idea that instead of constantly repeating myself, I could simply say, “here, read this.”
(That was before I truly understood that people don’t/won’t/can’t read anymore.)

Naturally enough, my efforts here changed and “evolved” over the years. As has the tech. 2007 was the year we lost the war with the hacker/criminals. Back then there were no “netbooks” much less “tablets”; the iPhone had just been hatched; Microsoft introduced Vista, and “The Ribbon” replaced the Menu bar in Office (to very vocal, very negative ‘public reaction’)(Sound familiar?).

.. In 2007, they did not chant “cloud computing”, but “SaaS”. (How “sassy”!)

.. In 2007, Norton went from being one of the last things you wanted on your machine, to one of the first.
Just to name a few.

Yes. Things change. But much stays the same. They’re still rushing half-baked products to market and letting us pay to be the ‘beta testers’; showing us unwanted ads is still Mission 2 (Mission One is spying on us [recording every keystroke and click]); and security is still an afterthought (or ignored problem).

As of this month, I am now “Semi-retired”: gone are the days of daily posting. I’ve learned much from doing this (online publishing) and I hope I have helped a few folks along the way.

Thank you. And, have a great weekend!

Today’s quote:Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” ~ Bill Gates

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