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Uh… No? (Plus Java in the news – again)

spam6-19-13Thanks, guys, but I’ll get back to you on that.

(And monkeys might fly out of my butt..)(Seriously? Toxic Belly-bug Fix???)

spock-thumb.jpgOf Note:

Oracle releases Java update to close 37 high-risk vulnerabilities

Oracle on Tuesday released its latest update for Java with the release of version SE 7 Update 25.

The update addresses 40 vulnerabilities in the software, which include 37 flaws that can be remotely exploited without authentication. In addition, 11 of the bugs received the highest common vulnerability scoring system (CVSS) rating of 10.0 due to their significant threat level to users.Read more..

Wonder how many more “vulnerabilities” there are in that *wonderful* piece of software? (Maybe you just want to uninstall Java altogether?)

Flaw in BlackBerry Protect app addressed, impacts Z10 smartphone users

A bug has been fixed in the BlackBerry Protect application – which was designed to help users find their lost mobile devices – lowering the chance that a skilled attacker could access data belonging to Z10 smartphone users.” Read more..

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