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Gen Y (A quick reading reco)

Folks, just a quick “you might be interested” article for your consideration..

* How Millennials Think, and What To Do About It

You can gripe about Gen Y all you want. But if you can’t attract them, you’re going to lose the war for talent.” Read more..

Bonus reading reco: you should be aware.. Microsoft turns up the heat to phase out XP

Microsoft issues partners Windows XP phase-out marching orders

Microsoft is rolling out new programs and incentives to encourage its resellers to help it move its still-sizable base of Windows XP users off that operating system by April 2014.Read more..

Are you still using XP? I will no longer support the dead-OS-walking XP, except to help someone migrate to a newer (safer) version (there are only 273 more days until MS drops all support for Windows XP).

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