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More passwords stolen, Gmail, and, oh, yeah — Wall Street hacked

Those of you who regularly read me probably heard (last week) about the admission that hackers were disrupting the financial world of Wall Street (if not, see: As Nasdaq’s site hit by hackers, report says half of world’s exchanges suffered cyberattacks. “According to a report, half the world’s financial exchanges suffered cyberattacks in past year. And on Thursday, hackers hit the Nasdaq’s …”) and probably remember The hacked tweet that sank Wall Street   “… It took less than 140 characters to wipe out almost $140 billion from the stock market this week, as a fake report from The Associated Press of a …”)

.. $140 Billion .. is that a lot of money? Oh, well. All in a day’s work. (This is, IMHO, just the beginning, folks.)

* The good folks at Google changed my Gmail Inbox. They think I want/need “tabs” that sort my mail by category (such as “social”) automatically for me, so they just BANG! made the change. Yippee yahoo. Fortunately, unlike Microsoft and Yahoo’s mail, Google gave me the option to dismiss (turn off) this *unwanted* change.
I’m really getting sick and tired of the unwanted, unrequested, and generally useless changes forced upon me for change’s sake. My tolerance has dried up. But the young programmers need something to do to earn their paychecks, I guess. (How ’bout, go home and leave what works alone? Or, I know this is harder than adding some CSS, but work on what’s broken? [which is, like, everything.])

Other Items Of Interest:

Why security metrics aren’t helping prevent data loss

Security metrics are supposedly a way for upper management and IT departments to converse intelligently about in-house security programs. Why aren’t the metrics working?Read more..

Ubuntu forums hacked; 1.82M logins, email addresses stolen

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu operating system, has suffered a massive data breach on its forums. All usernames, passwords, and email addresses were stolen.Read more..


Hundreds of millions at risk from SIM card vulnerability A research group recently exposed a flaw in SIM cards that allows attackers to compromise devices.

Berlin-based Security Research Labs flipped the mobile security market upside-down recently when they published reports about just how vulnerable SIM cards are to cyber attacks.Read more..

Malware in NH bank computers may affect hundreds of thousands

“Malware discovered on computers used by New Hampshire-based St. Mary’s Bank may have compromised more than 100,000 accounts.Read more..

Oh, yes indeedy, there’s Lots more good news. But I’m tired and that’s enough for today. Have a good one, everybody.

Today’s quote:People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.” ~ Thomas Szasz

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