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An Assortment for your TGIF

Folks, here are a few items I found interesting this past week

First up, a video someone sent me. Loyal readers know I tip my cap to all who serve/have served, but I have to confess there’s one “branch” of service I don’t think of often enough..

(What do you bet, if you asked him, he’d say, “I just did my job..“)

Next, a few changes are happening in the tech industry..

Did we all just witness Windows start to die?

Surface RT’s failure calls the whole “Windows 8 Project” into question. As a result, the “death of the PC” may end up taking Windows with it…Read more..

[best line in that article: “The market wants a 7″-8″ device, with … no requirement of the user to undertake any cognitive loading at all.” {braindead devices for braindead people? Wonder why that might be..}]

Campaign Launched To Kill Off The Password

The Petition Against Passwords calls for no more password loginRead more..

[Could that be because after umpteen years (decades) of “awareness training”, and enforcement, people still use easy to guess passwords, and the same one everywhere? Um.. yeah. Maybe.]

Intrnt_trffic_medI Hate Porn… But Don’t Block My Right to Get It!

In his very public battle against child pornography and pedophilia, British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing critics ranging from ISPs and free speech advocates to some law enforcement professionals.” Read more..

[.. uh .. er.. I have a “Right” to view porn online? Whadya know.]

NetSol Outages Beleaguer Web Workers & It’s Going to Get Worse

Last Wednesday I, like many, spent part of my workday online. But Wednesday was not any old workday on the Internet. Instead, it served as an unpleasant reminder of how much we take for granted in today’s rich-content, always-on web workplace.Read more..

* The opposite of Privacy.

It seems that we have arrived at the point where people just don’t care about their privacy or security on Facebook. The many stories about this subject, on Facebook and elsewhere, have inured the average user; or else users have simply opted.. Read more..

And last, but certainly not least, Enterprises gain an ‘F’ grade in protecting themselves against cybercrime

According to new research, the majority of enterprises gain an “F” grade in security.Read more..

* Related: Worst IT fail ever? US agency spends millions in useless security

A branch of the U.S. Commerce Department recently trashed perfectly good computers and wasted millions on a bogus malware infection. How did this happen?Read more..

Is there such a thing as an “F-“?

Well, I hope that helped you get a little closer to the 5 o’clock whistle. TGIF!

Today’s quote:Never mind searching for who you are. Search for the person you aspire to be.” ~ Robert Brault

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