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Outlook Verification Alerts – Dear New Outlook Account User

Maybe I should have titled today’s article “A Poisonous PDF”

Kind of strange, Hotmail, oops!, excuse me,, did not flag this email as spam..


You should know, by now (halfway through 2013), that scuzbucket sleazeball “hackers” send us emails trying to trick us into clicking links to dangerous websites, or download a virus, and further know that PDF format attachments can be “poisoned” to contain a virus.

So, you should be very leery of any email with a “paperclip” (an “attachment”). And if that email comes unexpectedly, doubly so. And if that email comes from a stranger, or claims to come from a business organization (such as Delta airlines, Pay Pal, Microsoft, or UPS, for example) delete it, unopened. Don;t even glance at it. (Since 2007, curiosity, when on the Web, kills the cat.)

Other “red flags” (besides the paperclip)

Even though this particular attack (and yes, this is an “attack” on me) purports to be from “Outlook Verification Alerts”, the Sender field is someone’s name (in my case, “Ingila Hollqvist”, though that is probably randomly generated). And their email address is (showing as) something other than “” or “”.

And of course, there’s the Engrish.

*     *     *

Now I know that you would never open such an email attachment as this one here. But I guaranty some folks will.

Today’s quote:Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.” ~ Hugh Prather

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