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Find important emails faster

Working with a client the other day reminded of this simple tip for “organizing” your email, and helping make those important ones easy and quick to go back to again.


Change the Subject line.

Yes, that’s right. When viewing your emails in Outlook, or the other email clients (Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc.), simply (use the cursor to) “highlight” (turn blue) the unhelpful text the author put there, and type something helpful in its place — something that more relates to what you want to respond to, or something (aka “keywords”) to help the Search feature return the particular email you’re trying to find again.

For example, you might get an email on a Tuesday regarding a mandatory meeting scheduled for Friday, and the author had put, oh, say, “Tuesday’s reminders” as the Subject. What’s that got to do with Friday’s meeting?

Simply changing “Tuesday’s reminders” to “Friday’s meeting” might make it a bit easier to remember/see, and go back to quickly when you need to remind yourself of the meeting’s time.
Better, why not change the Subject to “Friday’s 10 am meeting“?

This is a real good habit to get into, IMHO.

Today’s quote: That the birds of worry and care fly over you head, this you cannot change, but that they build nests in your hair, this you can prevent.” ~ Chinese Proverb


Today’s fun video (because it’s summer):

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