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Still on XP? Let’s talk. (And some Friday Fun)

Folks, years ago, now, I first started warning people to get off of the ancient Windows XP operating systems, and saying that Microsoft is more than echoing my sentiments. (I wrote It is time to face facts and finally dump Windows XP – “I have been saying this for a while now; but, sometimes people just want to know what other pros are saying..” wwaaaaayyy back in March, 2011.)

windows-logoBut just in case you haven’t been paying attention, be aware: Microsoft will cease issuing fixes and security patches (aka “supporting”) Windows XP in April. Here’s the latest:

* Microsoft warns Windows XP users risk ‘zero day forever’

Microsoft’s latest tack in trying to wean users off Windows XP is to warn them of a possible ‘zero day forever’ scenario in the post-April 2014 support cut-off world. Read more..

More coverage:

* Microsoft dangles Windows 8, Office 2013 carrots to get SMBs off Windows XP

* Microsoft issues partners Windows XP phase-out marching orders

And the fact is, you want a 64-bit operating system now, and certainly one that the hackers haven’t had under their microscopes for a dozen years. Fortunately, you can still get new PC’s with Windows 7 (and this time of year, prices are low).

Today’s Geekspeak Translation: A “zero-day” is a item of malware (aka “virus”), or “exploit“, for which no “signature” or “patch” has yet been issued (an attack for which there’s currently no defense).

Today’s quotable quote:Love looks forward, hate looks back, anxiety has eyes all over its head.” ~ Mignon McLaughlin

Today’s Friday Fun Video:

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