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RIP KsTinMan

Folks, I hope you’ll forgive me this “non-tech” digression.

Yesterday, I learned that a friend of this blog (and this writer) had passed away the other day. Some of you may have noticed the helpful comments “KsTinMan” had posted here over the years (in fact, his most recent is still showing in my “Recent comments” widget), but – did or didn’t –  that is immaterial: his input was appreciated. I think it likely he helped a person or two (dozens?) with his contributions.

It kind of.. um, er, “blows my mind” (to use a little Kallyfornyah lingo) to think upon it that I will never see his name in my comments (or Inbox) ever again (even though this is far from my first meeting with Death or Loss) and I cannot help but to think of the man’s family, and friends, … Which brings me to my point.

Though it is an unpleasant topic, mourning – from Death and/or Loss, well, I wager, it just may be something you, Dear Reader, or someone you know, is going through. As best you/they can.
Or have gone through. (As best you/they could.)

Since it is (so often) such a huge thing in Life, it’s puzzling (to me) why so many (I include myself) are so ill prepared for it, and “don’t talk about it”, and (sometimes) pretend it doesn’t exist.. And it’s awkward: what do you say to someone who recently lost a loved one? Sorry? (Well, yes. That can be a good thing to say..)


An injury.

white_roseI haven’t always handled these things well (perhaps the Understatement Of The Week Award winner right there..) and so I suspect some of you may be having trouble “handling” grief and grieving yourselves (or know someone who is). For those, or if you are simply interested in learning more, I have found I agree with the content of this page, and think it maybe could help. And some of you might be interested in this website as well. (i understand there’s a Facebook app for this as well..)

I hope I didn’t depress you, Dear Reader, or cause you to (painfully) remember old injury, and ruin your day. But the fact you read this far.. maybe remembering your loss, well.. I won’t get metaphysical. I’ll simply say I bet you’ve known some wonderful people (I include faithful and loving pets in that “people”). And I understand what it is to miss them. And I’ll leave off with this: please be kind to those wonderful people you know who are still here with us.

Rest in peace, KsTinMan, and thank you.

Today’s quote:Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory.” ~ Betty Smith

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