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A Few Items (for your Friday)


Folks, here a few items for your consideration:

The transparent citizen – How can I actively prevent others from misusing my data?

The Internet has become the primary means of communications in many people’s lives. This, however, comes at a price: it is impossible to completely remove anything once it has been uploaded.

  • How much information should I disclose about myself?
  • What does the Internet know about me?
  • How can I actively prevent others from misusing my data?

These are important questions that we would like to address.” Read more..

[.. it would be nice if the answer wasn’t “you can’t”.. and nicer still if people had realized that fact a little sooner.. ]

Four privacy settings you should enable in iOS 7 immediately

If you downloaded and installed iOS 7, there are a few privacy settings that are turned off by default that you should enable right away.” Read more..

Five things missing from the iPhone 5s you can get in Android smartphones

The new Apple iPhone 5s will sell millions and require long lines this Friday, but as we read through the reviews we see Apple held back quite a bit with the latest high end offering.Read more..

[If you are thinking of buying a new iPhone.. uh, well, read the article. I really don’t care that it comes in gold.. it’s last years tech at next month’s prices. And, yes, I’m sure it will sell quite well… ]

And let’s not forget Microsoft.. Microsoft Rushes Emergency Fix To Address Internet Explorer Attacksie icon

Microsoft said targeted attacks are attempting to exploit a remote code execution vulnerability impacting all supported versions of the browser.Read more..

[ if you have Internet Explorer installed – and 99.9999% of Windows PC users do – read that article and implement the “Fixit”. ]

From the It Was Fun While It Lasted Department:
* BlackBerry Reports Nearly $1 Billion In Losses, Begins Layoffs

BlackBerry reports up to $995 million in losses for its fiscal second quarter and says it will layoff 4,500 employees.Read more..

Fiday Fun (Video):

Today’s quotable quote:Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ~ Christopher Robin to Pooh (A.A. Milne)

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