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Sunday Beauty #135

Here’s another interesting image for your Sunday.

image: boy on swing

Click on image to see more by this artist (reco’d)

“Boy on Cable-Car; Junge auf Seilbahn” by Thragor, courtesy of Flickr Commons

* Here’s an idea for you: why don’t you do something like this today, if you’re able? So what if you “look a little foolish”.

* I was speaking with someone this morning who was really, really excited that October is here tomorrow. Because they are big, big, wwaaaaay “into” Halloween. I mean.. a Real Fan.  Loves everything about it. Me? Not so much. (I lived for a while in SF, where every day is Halloween. Seeing a costume is nbd.) So.. a quick-e-poll, if you don’t mind.

In the spirit of today’s image.. how ’bout some more fun? It has been long-debated whether Stairway to Heaven or Freebird is the greatest Rock’n Roll song of all time. But my vote has always gone to another Led Zepplin song (and Robert Plant’s fave) Kashmir. Here is a “cover” performed this summer by some rather famous artists in their own right..

( I should say.. some days my vote goes to Stranglehold. And some days it’s anything by AC/DC.. )

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Today’s quote:If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.” ~ Lucy Larcom

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