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The Week In Tech

Well, folks.. I’m kind of hard up for anything to write about today. Looking back on the week, well.. let’s review.

iphone_3g_san_francisco_1_thumb.jpg1) You probably have seen the ads, and know that the most amazing piece of technology (yet) is now available. I refer, of course, to the new iPad “Air”. I also refer to you to a recent ‘debate’ titled Are iPad/iPhone buyers suckers? and posit to you the idea that if a question is even being asked, the answer is ‘yes’.

2) And the Blackberry sale fell through. BlackBerry CEO Out As Takeover Bid Fails

BlackBerry charts yet another course as Fairfax Financial invests $1 billion and former Sybase CEO John Chen takes the interim CEO reins.Read more..

Which neither surprises nor interests me..

3) And we’ve seen these before as well:

Zero-Day attacks hit Windows, Office, Lync

Certain versions of Windows, Office and Microsoft Lync are being attacked in the wild via a new remote code execution vulnerability, says Microsoft in a disclosure.Read more..

Limo breach impacts hundreds of thousands of high-profile clients

“The CorporateCarOnline website states in bold letters: “TRUST US; YOUR DATA IS SECURE.” Hundreds of thousands of clients beg to differ.Read more..

Just a reminder: “breach” means “the hackers broke in”; and “Zero day” means “we don’t have an antidote just yet..”

4) And yet another IPO. Twitter is next, and I heard they’re hoping the company will be valued at $16 Billion.

Yes, with a “B”.

Which makes me think absolutely everyone has lost their freakin’ minds.

Didn’t Dot Com Bubble-Burst 1 teach a dang thing? Or, proved to even the densest in Dot Com Bubble-Burst 2?

5) I’m seeing some amazing prices on tech, and it’s not even Black Friday yet. Prices so good that last year I would’ve bought simply because it was so cheap. But this year, I don’t want anything, regardless of price. I’m tired of being spied on and shown commercials. I’m tired constantly having to ‘update’ and even more tired of having to reinstall backup images because the update broke my machine.

6) I understand people are voicing displeasure at Apple (well, those who bought the new iPad a mere 6 months ago, or so) because they’re finally figuring out Apple’s business model. But did that stop them from lining up outside the store? For the 5S? So they could get last year’s phone in teal or pink?


I am no longer amused.

Today’s quote:Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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