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Email password trouble

A reader wrote in with a question, and since I cannot reply via email, will do so here ..

emailQ:I am having trouble with passwords and email. My email address in now jammed. I do not want to keep important information on line but many things do go there. How can people and companies be convinced to respect what is done on line and give warnings before closing email, give warnings before redesigning pages, and keep important information consistant? The internet is supposed to be easy, a convenience.

A: Dear Reader,
Though I can’t be certain, it sounds to me like your email has either been hijacked by a cyber-criminal (aka “hacker”) or your email provider has had large-scale hacking attacks, and reset people’s passwords as a preventative measure (such as has been happening at Yahoo! and AOL). I recommend contacting your email’s tech support. (In webmail, that’s usually done by clicking the “forgot my password” link.)

As for “getting people to respect”… well, there are evil and/or greedy types, as well as idiots, out there in the ‘world-wide’… and who said the Internet is supposed to be easy or convenient? What it is  supposed to do is make (some) people money, spy on us, and show advertisements. To do that, it has to be easy so the average human can use it (aka ‘reach a larger audience’) and offer conveniences (and entertainments) so they will. But I agree with you. It would be very nice if those ‘webmasters’ out there would really, really, really think twice before “upgrading” their UI’s (aka “formats”).

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