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I see Microsoft has – once again – decided that changing the name of something will somehow benefit them, increase sales, and that they are now going to call their “SkyDrive” cloud service “OneDrive”.


Yes, I feel much better about cloud computing now. Sign me up!

For those interested:

Take a tour of the great new features in OneDrive and find out why it’s the one place to store and share all of your favorite things.  Learn more

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I’m sure the very highly paid People In Charge at Microsoft are a lot smarter than me. But I’m not seeing all that a bright a future for them…

Friday Fun video:

What can I say? That video has more than 10 million views…

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  1. I’m amazed how unknowledgeable this statement is , Microsoft was forced to change from using SkyDrive due to the Murdoch company BskyB taking them to court. We are of course used the anti Microsoft attitudes of many bloggers but a sample search would have meant that you will at least got your facts right.


    Comment by lifeartist2000 | March 1, 2014 | Reply

    • lifeartist2000,
      I was using sarcasm.

      I have been watching (and repairing) Microsoft since 1995. They have a long history of changing the names of products in the hope that alone will change consumer opinion (which has been noted and commented on by others); most recently renaming the “Metro” interface (Windows 8) to “Modern”.

      Further, the promo email notification they sent me, alerting me to the ‘new’ OneDrive, made no reference to a response to loss of trademark/renaming, but sounded like a new release, so improved they thought it merited a new name. (And that took some chutzpah..)

      If you look at my past articles (over 2,000 of them), you’ll see I’m certainly not a ‘MS basher’ – but I admit I’m not a fan of Win8 (nor “one OS for all platforms” philosophy).


      Comment by techpaul | March 1, 2014 | Reply

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