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From Russia With Love (Not Olympics, Sorry)

Bonus: Sunday Beauty #147

This spam comment, posted on my Practical advice for online safety article, is an interesting study in human psychology. (And is an interesting bit of irony as well..)


You do look at the URL, don’t you? The ‘dot ru’ domain is Russia. (For a list of the main domain names, click here.) And btw? Most of you will never want to click a Russian-hosted website. (aka “don’t”)
Yes, buy your Russian Twitter followers here. Russia makes great followers!

Good deal! Very affordable! Certainly want to improve your relevance and trustworthiness …………

Let me be blunt: if you think it might benefit you and your “revenue stream” to acquire ‘friends’ and ‘followers’, and you’d cheat to do it, please see a psychiatrist. There’s something seriously wrong with you, IMHO.

Even if this is not you, I think you’d have to agree there’s something seriously wrong with a system that encourages such thinking.

No I’m not naive (I don’t think) .. I know it is all about “monetize”..

Yes… change the rules.. (at least they’re honest about it: get ’em hooked/addicted, then jack the price. Works for drug dealers.)

Today’s Pretty Picture:


Click on image to see more by this artist (as good as a trip to the zoo)

“Schildturako im Tierpark Hellabrunn” by Alois Staudacher, courtesy of Flickr Commons

Well, today’s the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. Maybe now life can get back to normal..

Today’s quote: “If all of your friends are Facebook Friends, I’m seriously scared for you.” ~ Tony Robbins.

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