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Today’s Tech Turning Us Into Sociopaths?

Folks, here’s another article I think everyone should read (and really think about).

Today’s Apps Are Turning Us Into Sociopaths

While I am far from a Luddite who fetishizes a life without tech, we need to consider the consequences of this latest batch of apps and tools that remind us to contact significant others, boost our willpower, provide us with moral guidance, and encourage us to be civil. Taken together, we’re observing the emergence of tech that doesn’t just augment our intellect and lives — but is now beginning to automate and outsource our humanity.Read more..

Ready for more good news?

The NSA may not be listening to your private phone calls, but it has been watching your private parts

The U.K. and U.S. government’s ability to tap into webcams — and directly into your living rooms and offices — shows the biggest and most blatant lack of respect for people’s privacy by Western governments in living memory.” Read more..

Yes.. it is kind of hard to take that all in. It doesn’t paint a pretty picture. But we need to be thinking about this stuff now. (Actually.. yesterday would have been better, but..)

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Today’s bonus video: 15 Inaccuracies Found In Common Science Illustrations

Today’s quote:It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” ~ Albert Einstein

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