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Net Nuetrality, and other tidbits

Feels like Monday…

The FCC’s Net neutrality plan is much worse than it looks

Under the new proposal, ISPs will be slower to upgrade their networks and will find it easier to exploit customers on both ends.Read more..

I hope you’re not surprised… * China accuses Cisco of supporting US cyberwar efforts

China is attacking secret surveillance programs of the U.S. government with harsh words from its state-controlled press, accusing Cisco of helping the U.S. in cyber espionage.Read more..

* IE8 zero-day vulnerability unpatched for months, possibly millions at risk

An unpatched zero-day use-after-free remote code execution vulnerability affecting Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) was publicly disclosed on Wednesday by the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) because it has been more than six months since the flaw was initially reported and Microsoft has yet to issue a fix.Read more..

[Please understand, one shouldn’t get too sore at MS for this, as a better question is, “why is someone using an obsolete version?”] (Some might argue a better question is, “why is someone using Internet Explorer at all?)

Follow up: The eBay data compromise: What you need to know

eBay has joined the elite list of companies that have lost members’ personal information. Learn how that affects you personally.Read more..

Bah. That’s enough for today.

Today’s quotable quote:If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” ~ Jim Rohn

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