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Finally! A few items of interest.

After a dry spell, I found some attention-worthy items.

Hell no, we won’t pay: How technology transformed our perception of value

What does this culture and technology of anti-spendism mean for the future consumption and valuation of goods and services?Read more..

That (above) is the main “should read”. Here are a few others that might also interest you.

Aereo ruled illegal by Supreme Court; must pay copyright fees

The future of Internet TV was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. And it didn’t go in cordcutters’ favor.” Read more..

[ Surprised? ]

Hackonomics: Cybercrime’s cost to business

How much does getting hacked actually cost a business? Looking closely at the cyber black market’s cost factors is worrying, but offers insight into keeping crime’s cost low.Read more..

[ Sure. For as long as the cost is low enough.. we can ignore it! ]

This will depress you (but you better know it): HackingTeam tool makes use of mobile malware targeting all major platforms

Researchers have uncovered troubling details about a mobile surveillance service provided by HackingTeam, an Italian seller of monitoring software.Read more..

[ Sorry for putting TWO ‘must reads’ in one article.. ]

Related: iOS Safer Than Android? Maybe Not

Common wisdom holds that iOS is inherently secure and Android is inherently vulnerable. But a new study by Marble Security found that Android and iOS devices pose equal security challenges.Read more..

Sometimes I think (and then other times, I’m quite certain) the lunatics are running the asylum.

Today’s quote:Never ascribe to malice that which can adequately be explained by incompetence.” ~ Napoleon

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