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New use for a bag of chips

This new technology is another reason to place video cameras everywhere.

Spying just keeps getting easier.

Related reading: Worldview-3 — Satellite That Could Allow Google and U.S Government to See Your Face from Space

Majority of my articles are related to government spying, privacy and security issues of your online stuffs and also measures that you can adopt in protecting yourself from being spied on. But, your all efforts will soon be of no use – someone is about to secretly track your every footstep. Google will soon get an eye in the space that will be enough powerful to see your face, thanks to the ...” Read more…

[ um.. I could be wrong.. but I think they already can.. (maybe not Google, but the gov.)]

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  1. Hey Paul…late catching up on my reading here: Interesting to actually view the “know/how-to’s” on Speed Video/Sound Recovery!

    Article on World View 3-Satellite…Google=Greed, Power and Insanity…and in bed with the Government’s.We Fools called Humans have fallen for it…Gobbled up in it…is there a point of return?


    Comment by Gaia | August 17, 2014 | Reply

    • Gaia,
      I am unsure of what you are asking me specifically: is there a point of return from Human Foolishness; or from people/orgs/govs having/seeking power? Google being the 300lb gorilla in the tech world? Insanity itself?

      But I’ll answer this way: I don’t think there’s any ‘going back’, there’s only the question of where does all this lead. And the people who look ahead and predict have been the Sci Fi writers. Some of those writers predict a rather happy future, such as Roddenberry’s Star Trek; while others paint a much darker scenario where the machines take over and decide to eradicate the unreliable virus called humans (ala The Terminator).

      What are we evolving into (at an exponential rate)? Great question. I wish more folks would stop and ask it.


      Comment by techpaul | August 17, 2014 | Reply

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