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Tuesday Tidbits for the end of August

A few items for your consideration:

First up: after a bit of a quiet spell, Rick Robinette has been posting actively on his (Tech Paul Recommended) site, What’s On My PC.. and I suggest looking at all his latest; but what I focused in on (and prompted me to bring special attention to) was his recent posts on music services and players – all three of which I had not heard of.

* Google Chrome MP3 Player App – Trifling Trivial Worthless Rubbishy Player (TTWR player)

Once I get stuck on something, I am on it until I’ve exhausted it or I’m exhausted (which ever comes first). For some odd reason, I have been on a MP3 music kick; especially being focused on web based converters and web based players. Today I happened across a Google Chrome App, called Trifling Trivial […]” Read more..

* Youtify – A Minimalistic Web Music Player

A recent post, I featured an online (cloud based) music player, called YouZeek, that streams music from YouTube. After posting this article, I started looking around to see if there were any other online YouTube music players and came across Youtify.Read more..

* Create Online Music Playlists And Share Them With Your Friends (Without Breaking Any Laws???)

Create Online Music Playlists And Share Them With Your Friends (Without Breaking Any Laws???)… That is what YOUZEEK is claiming on their “About” page…Read more..

Other items:
* New variants of POS malware ‘Backoff’ found as infections expand
* PlayStation Network downed by DDoS attack, other gaming networks hit too
* AdThief malware infects 75K iOS devices, steals revenue
and last but not least: * Duo Security researchers discuss “The Internet of Fails” at DefCon 22

Really.. you should watch that.. even if it has Geekspeak (and not-polite words)(for giggles, count them).

Today’s quote:What a distressing contrast there is between the radiant intelligence of the child and the feeble mentality of the average adult.” ~ Sigmund Freud

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