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Do NOT Call This Number..!

AKA Norton Users Be Aware

I just received an alert from an alert reader (ahem) which demonstrates a new twist on an old attack tactic.

Yup. That’s a fake. (One hint is the “Message from webpage” in the title bar.. [Norton is not a web program, it’s installed on your machine.])

The website you’re visiting is poisoned (and you probably have some programs in need of updates). Keywords, if you’re interested in learning more are “scareware” and “rogue anitvirus” (and maybe “poisoned website”, too).
*  Your Computer Is Lying To You… The Epidemic Of Rogues
* Why You Don’t Stand A Chance Against Cyber Crime

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  1. Paul, this virus has locked up my Mac. When I open Safari (the only browser I have loaded) I get this, and when I try to send it away I get several versions, and no capacity to exit. Do you know a trick for banishing this bugger?


    Comment by Joe Berg | February 21, 2015 | Reply

    • Joe Berg,
      I would start by rebooting (into Single User mode, if necc. [press Apple key + S at startup]) and immediately clearing my cache (folders Library/Cache and Users/*User Name*/Library/Caches) and maybe also Safari’s plist file (Users/*User Name*/Library/Preferences).
      Then I would download/install/run Avast! for Macs antivirus. (Because yes, if it has an operating system, and connects to the internet, it needs an AV.)


      Comment by techpaul | February 21, 2015 | Reply

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