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10 top security threats of 2014

Folks, this really is a ‘must read’, even if you are not a techy.

10 top security threats of 2014 (so far)

One email spiked with innocuous-looking malware to a vendor cost Target an estimated 40 million credit cards and 70 million user accounts at the crest of 2014, beginning a year which made our own employees, coworkers, friends and family one of the biggest security threats of the year

Non-technical people were 2014’s favorite targets for malicious hackers, from data dealing crime rings to targeted corporate espionage attacks...

F-Secure’s Mobile Threat Report Q1 2014 was a bucket of cold water in terms of just how pervasive attacks on typical users are, and how they can spread through apps into businesses.” Read more (please) …

I hadn’t heard the term “the snappening”.. had you? (And I would move her #4 to #1.)

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