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From Romania, With Love

Unfortunately the ‘real deal’ is: something like 98% of you will think that clicking the link would take you to Costco…


not knowing that if you ‘hover’ your cursor over the hyperlink (the blue, click-on-’em words) and look at the lower left corner of your web browser (aka “Internet Explorer”, “Firefox”, “Chrome”) the actual destination web address (aka “URL”) is displayed — in this case, a very strange looking name, followed by “.ro” (not ““, the real Costco website) — which stands for “Romania” (no, I don’t expect you to know that, but these days there’s Google..).

Which I guarantee is set up to attack your computer should you be so *naive* as to click the link. Because you were curious who was ordering from Costco in your name, maybe.. And badda-bing, badda-boom, you got viruses, and now some ‘hacker’ is ordering big screen TV’s and snow tires with your money.

This email is just one sample of the common “phishing attack”. Please, please, please, please! I know you’ve heard the term before, but do you KNOW what that means? I mean… backwards-and-forwards?
That’s not from Costco. There was no order. Your email was picked at random. Someone is is simply casting a net, “phishing” for the gullible and unaware. (But don’t feel bad, top-level CEO’s fall for these emails too.)

Short version: never, repeat, never, open unsolicited emails. No matter how they might tickle your curiosity bone.
The Internet is chock-a-block-filled with vile, evil people, on their worst behavior. You need to be on guard, and always wear protection.

(If you think you are immune, because you use a Mac, or Linux, you are just plain wrong.)

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