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Interesting question…

People sometimes ask me .. ah, um, ‘unusual’ questions.

Q:how can i stop my roommate from blocking my computer from getting internet?

A: You might want to consider WHY is your roommate blocking you, and resolve it from that angle. For example:

* If it is because you use so much bandwidth, you slow down their Internet, you might promise to stop online gaming and/or streaming videos and/or downloading Torrents… (or, do so only during certain times of the day..)

* If it’s because you do morally objectionable/illegal things online, that they disapprove of, you could stop doing them…

* If it’s because you have been a cheapskate freeloader, you could start paying your half of the service bill… and any usage overages (in-home Internet service is not free.)

* If it is because you play streaming music/videos/games too loud, you could use earphones…

I suggest you sit with them and ask them why they have blocked you, and what YOU can do to ‘fix’ their concerns. Because if they are tech savvy enough to block you, odds are you are not going to be able to sneak past their settings (or do so for long).

But often the easiest/best solution is to simply contract an ISP to get your own Internet service installed. Then you can use it as you like, when you like. And I suppose you could always get another roommate… Good luck.

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