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Latest News on Windows 10

Many are waiting for the new Windows 10 (as I am not alone in avoiding Windows 8..). And there will be a launch party this week. (So of course the tech pundits are busy. Never mind it’s all speculation..)

* Are you ready for the next chapter of Windows 10?

Microsoft’s next even will be held on January 21, 2015. Greg Shultz speculates about some of the things we might see in the next chapter of Windows 10.Read more..

* What to expect (and what you won’t see) at this week’s Windows 10 launch

What’s next for Windows 10? This week’s unveiling in Redmond should focus on consumer features. It will also reveal how well Microsoft is coping with the unprecedented shift from traditional PCs to mobile computing.Read more..

I’m always amused when I see phrases like “eagerly awaited”. I mean, how many people, really, are “eagerly awaiting” improvements to SkyDrive OneDrive? Six?

Good news for a handful of people: Microsoft will be webcast-ing the launch event live (Microsoft will provide more specific details about the webcast on the Blogging Windows site). I hope their cloud infrastructure will be able to handle the demand…

I only want to know one thing: will Microsoft go to a ‘subscription’ pricing plan (where you basically rent your computer’s ability to operate) like they have with Office? If they do… that’ll be it for me and tech. I’ll ride Windows 7 until the wheels fall off, and then walk away. Go off the grid. (And if the InfoSec headlines remain similar to what they have been, I may walk away sooner than that.)

Beware of your refrigerator

Finally, if you’re like me you look upon the impending so-called Internet of Things with a wary eye at a minimum and possibly full-blown paranoia. Slate has a great article you should check out calledPretty Much Every Smart Home Device You Can Think of Has Been Hacked” which you can read here.

Welcome, SkyNet. I for one welcome our new overlords.” ~ From WServerNews

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Today’s quote:It’s important to have a dream: otherwise you might notice where you really are.” ~ Naomi Alderman

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