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A few items worthy of your time/attention.

* Samsung Admits Its Smart TV Is Spying On You

Is Your Smart TV Spying On You? You just need to make sure you don’t hold any private conversations in front of the internet-connected TV. IS SMART TV GETTING TOO SMART? Smart TVs are connected to the Internet, and they are capable of collecting and transmitting our data. Samsung’s Smart TV uses voice recognition technology to enable voice commands, but its privacy policy defined by …” Read more…

* Anthem Data Breach — 6 Things You Need To Know

“The Nation’s second largest Health insurer company, Anthem, alerted its customers on Wednesday that hackers had stolen the personal information of over 80 Millions of its customers, making it the largest data breach and double the number of payment cards affected by Target data breach occurred in 2013. The stolen personal information includes residential addresses, birthdays, medical …”Read more…

As soon as the story broke, cyber criminals started exploiting the latest Anthem data breach in an attempt to persuade people to sign up for bogus credit protection services and provide personal information about themselves.

android_adware* Carmakers fail to protect against security attacks

Carmakers are cramming cars full of wireless technology, but failing to protect those features against the possibility that hackers could take control of vehicles or steal personal data, a US study has found.” Read more..

* Adware Android Apps Found in Google Play With Millions of Downloads


Just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it? (Keep in mind, I could post another dozen depressing day’s headlines, but why overwhelm?)

Today’s quote:Generally speaking, the most miserable people I know are those who are obsessed with themselves; the happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others…By and large, I have come to see that if we complain about life, it is because we are thinking only of ourselves.” ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

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