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A splash of cold water

Here’s one more item that should be a splash of cold water in the face for those who still think the Internet is a wonderful thing.

* Report: 71 percent of orgs were successfully attacked in 2014

71 percent of respondents said that their organization’s global network was compromised by a successful cyber attack in 2014 – a number that jumped up from 62 percent in the year prior – and 22 percent said that their organization experienced six or more successful attacks.Read more…

Two things kinda jump out of (just) that blurb: (it’s more disturbing to read the whole enchilada)
1) Dang-near 3 out of 4 are already victims.. shall we go for 100%?

2) Things continue to get worse, not (any) better (at all!).

avoid-thumb.jpgWhat’s it gonna take before people realize we can’t keep using our current technology for what we use it for? I hate to say it but, sure seems to me like real disaster looms. (Actually, we’re in the midst of a [cyber] disaster, but who’ll admit it?)

Now, folks, I have been seeing this since 2007. This isn’t any revelation to me. Just more confirmation. So don’t worry about me being all depressed on a beautiful Friday. (And I do hope it’s a beautiful day there where you are.) Things are starting to bud and even bloom here. The hills and fields are green. And it’s good to be alive. (Because a cheerful robot on the phone told me it was my lucky day –> I’ve won a cruise!)(Three different robots & cruises, already.. and it’s only 3pm yet!!!)

Want more proof?

* Symantec research highlights security failures in the connected home

Research analyzing today’s smart home devices has revealed disturbing security implications for consumers.Read more..

* Verizon rushes fix for email account open season security flaw

A severe security vulnerability which allows any user access to any Verizon email account has been exposed.” Read more..

*     *     *

Don’t worry though: People are hard at work putting bandaids on things as fast as they  can. Nevermind that those bandaids sometimes kill your machine.

bandaids_thumb.jpg* Panda antivirus mistakenly flags itself as malware, bricks PCs

Panda users were warned not to restart their PCs, in case they wouldn’t boot up again.Read more..

* MS Update 3033929 Causing Reboot Loop

One of the operating system updates Microsoft released on Tuesday of this week — KB3033929 — is causing a reboot loop for a fair number of Windows 7 users, according to postings on multiple help forums.” Read more..

{I humbly suggest reading the comments on that one…}

*     *      *

Today’s quote:To be poor does not mean you lack the means to extend charity to another. You may lack money or food, but you have the gift of friendship to overwhelm the loneliness that grips the lives of so many.” ~ Stanley Hauerwas

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