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The Best Use for Nanobots

A New Technology I’d Sure Like To See

I want to know why no one is making “nanobots” to control (human) hair growth. As a person who detests shaving, I would definitely use the type of (suggested) “nanobots” that would be applied to area where you no longer wanted hair to grow (ever) .. like, say, my chin.

And I know quite a few gentlemen who could make great use of the type of (suggested) “nanobots” that would be applied to area where you wanted hair to grow (always). areata Iffin it were my nanobot factory, I would make ’em with a On/Off switch, so you could change your mind.

As with any revolutionary technology, new Laws would have to be passed. Like, say, making it a Felony to apply these (suggested) nanobots to animals… galleryimage931370999-jan-21-2012-600x438 Now all we have to do is convince Gillette it’s in their interest to stop sitting on the patent… Like that one company is doing with the 600 Mpg carburetor, and another is doing with the 7 year battery…

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