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More news about drones…

After the recent security conference, the scary/bad headlines are actually too numerous to list. But here’s an item of particular interest.

* How Drones Can Find and Hack Internet-of-Things Devices From the Sky

Security researchers have developed a Flying Drone with a custom-made tracking tool capable of sniffing out data from the devices connected to the Internet – better known as the Internet-of-things. Under its Internet of Things Map Project, a team of security researchers at the Texas-based firm Praetorian wanted to create a searchable database that will be the Shodan search engine for SCADA …Read more..

On the brighter side: This protest/warning against Big Data/Facebook/Data Mining/NSA/etc. is much more pleasant.

Today’s quote:There is no such thing as paranoia. Your worst fears can come true at any moment.” ~ Hunter S. Thompson

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