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Windows 10 “Upgrade” Nag – Disabled!

Folks, those of us who do not want Windows X (like, if you, mistrust “cloud” privacy invasions, enjoy Windows Media Center, or Hearts, or Spider Solitaire, or Chess Titans..) will want to read (and download) the following:

First, I wrote an article on KB3035583 and gwx.exe, here: GWX.EXE (Or, How To Remove the Windows 10 Upgrade Nag)

Next (and more importantly): Microsoft takes the gloves off, pushes Windows 10 upgrades even harder

When Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be a free upgrade for Windows users who had genuine copies of Windows 7 or 8, many praised the move as a smart way to ensure users, enthusiasts, and gamers would get the latest OS version. Since this spring, the bloom has been coming off that particular rose. The company’s invasive GWX application pesters users to upgrade, downloads the upgrade without your permission, “accidentally” forced some users to upgrade without recourse, announced that this program would be returning in near-term future, and now, is attempting to convince people they simply have no option but to upgrade.Read more..

I have downloaded the standalone installer, and am keeping my fingers crossed it will keep me from having to repeatedly perform KB3035583 uninstalls… but I am keeping ‘ghost’ images of my machines stored just in case. Hey, Microsoft? Get the clue. These are our machines. And taking advantage of user cluelessness is a vile policy – shame on you – stop it!

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