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Important Alert

Folks, here’s something new everyone should be aware of. (So please forward this on to your friends and loved ones.)

* Meet the new ransomware that knows where you live

The carefully-crafted and user-specific emails contain links and personal information to trick victims into installing a new kind of malware.Read more..

“Ransomware” is a virus that encrypts your files, and demands you send real money for the unlock key.

“Malware” is viruses and worms and Trojans, et al.

(… and there’s no good excuse for not knowing those two words in 2016…)

Today’s quote:I think a lot of times we don’t pay enough attention to people with a positive attitude because we assume they are naive or stupid or unschooled.” ~ Amy Adams

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  1. Important Alert For Certain! This is concerning…especially for the hackers to have access to our Personal Addresses; and the attacks on Medical Networks.

    The necessity of the Institution using Fax Machines and Phones… perhaps that’s the way to go…(back to the basics.) it’s looking like technology could destroy itself ???

    Paul, you’ve posted some Interesting Info. upon your RETURN…thanks! Hopefully, you will stay for awhile. We need your direct reminders of the risks and dangers in the tech world..other than what’s in the news headlines…of which is often Skeptical Info. anyway. Yes, I will send the posting out to everyone on my list.


    Comment by Gaia | April 8, 2016 | Reply

    • Gaia,
      Nice to see you here again. Some things are beyond our (You and me) control; and other things are purely up to us — such as NOT clicking a link in an email a stranger sent you. It is my hope that by making this information available, I am helping keep my readers safer from the epidemic of (cyber)crime.


      Comment by techpaul | April 8, 2016 | Reply

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