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How to lock in your free Windows 10 upgrade and still keep using your old Windows

Folks, doing this kinda makes it a ‘win-win’ (presuming you’re like me, and perfectly happy with Windows 7)

* How to lock in your free Windows 10 upgrade and keep using your old Windows version

The year-long free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ends on July 29. But what if you’re not ready to upgrade yet? Here’s how to claim your upgrade so it’s available at no cost when the time comes.Read more..

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You’ve got complaints about Windows 10? Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of company. From my mailbox, these are the top gripes about Microsoft’s new OS, with instructions to help you make those problems vanish.Read more..

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  1. RE: how-to-lock-in-your-free-windows-10-upgrade-and-still-keep-using-your-old-windows
    Two days after I read this, my husband accidentally started the Win10 download on our laptop. Even tho we’re both tech challenged (and he resists change of any kind), I calmly told him not to worry because I knew what to do! We currently have 8.1 with classic shell start menu activated and switching back was easy peasy.
    Thanks so much for sharing this info and the zdnet link.


    Comment by Andrea Malone | May 20, 2016 | Reply

    • Andrea Malone,
      Thank you for taking the time to share that. Knowledge is power!


      Comment by techpaul | May 20, 2016 | Reply

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