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Um… yah.

It is not terribly surprising to see this in my Inbox..


I mean.. people are curious creatures by nature. And some *people* are going to take advantage of that. (And some people are lonely, and some *people* are going to take advantage of that.)

But I assure that I don’t know anyone named “Shaneka”, and I assure you that should I have tried to view that eCard, very bad things would have happened.

So – even though I really shouldn’t have to be saying this in the year 2016: IF YOU DO NOT RECOGNIZE THE SENDER –> DELETE IMMEDIATELY.

The Internet is a dangerous place, full of predators. Never forget. Always surf with your “paranoid common sense” fully activated.

Or your computer will be locked by ransomware, and you’ll have to pay the blackmailers to get your files back.

Every passing month, the idea of ‘going off the grid’ seems more and more appealing.

Note: when you see asterisk at the beginning and end of a word, it indicates the author cannot publish the word they’d prefer to use.

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